Leveraging AI + Wearables To Increase Driver Safety


Machine learning models process real-time wearable data to identify rising fatigue levels of long-haul truck drivers.


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Saving Lives Through Innovation


The OrganTrans app enabled the first ever organ transplant via drone delivery.

GET THE DETAILS Watch The First Ever Unmanned Aircraft Organ Delivery Watch The First Ever Unmanned Aircraft Organ Delivery

Understanding your audience is key to successful IoT deployment

Use these user research techniques to drive engagement

Smart UX for Smart Lighting


Lutron’s mobile app is designed to deliver simple, intuitive controls over consumer’s connected lighting. Quickly set-up scenes, customize your lighting and control within a single tap.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Designed To Sell


Jacuzzi’s SmartTub app helped consumer’s manage their hot tub, but fell short in driving ongoing revenue. Accella’s UX team optimized the app UI to organically drive purchases while building a robust push notifications strategy to drive awareness.