Marketing and IT: The Power Partnership To Deliver Personalization & Marketing Automation for the Business

Creating an actionable unified customer database is a collaborative effort between your marketing team and IT department. Continue reading

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ADA Compliance: A Pillar of Digital Trust and Brand Commitment

While many companies pursue the latest trends and technologies in the name of innovation, true innovation is deeply rooted in inclusivity. For instance, consider closed captioning, which was initially crafted for the deaf community, and ergonomic kitchen tools that were … Continue reading

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Accella’s EnergyTech Revolution: Powering the Transition

Climate Change and the Paris Accord: Setting the Scene Climate change is shaping geopolitical agendas, international collaborations, and business decisions. Central to this global issue is the Paris Agreement – a beacon calling for a limit on global warming to … Continue reading

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Delving Deeper: A Conversation with Jason King on the Role and Strategies for Mobile Apps in Associations

In today’s digital-forward landscape, associations are navigating the need to keep pace with evolving member expectations. Coming from a background in product development and digital strategy, my foray into the world of associations has been filled with learning curves and … Continue reading

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CUES Member Dashboard Wins SIIA Gold Excel Award for Best New Innovation

CUES (the Credit Union Executives Society), in partnership with Accella, won two Gold Awards at this year’s SIAA Excel Awards Gala for their websites. The EXCELS are the largest and most prestigious program recognizing excellence and leadership in association media, … Continue reading

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